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March 2020:
Website Update

We have updated this website (for the final time before a major overhaul) with two projects, a demountable auditorium system and a private arts centre and residence in Burgundy:

February 2020:
Guardian article on Bruno Latour

Andrew Todd has written for the Guardian an article on Bruno Latour's work in the theatre with Frédérique Aït-Touati

December 2019:
Lecture in Cairo

Andrew Todd gives a lecture as part of the 'In 50 Years or So' performance-conference at the American University in cairo, organised by the Institut Francais and HaRaKa.

December 2019:
Guardian article on Philippe Quesne and French arts politics

Andrew Todd has written for the Guardian a broad analysis of flashpoints in french arts politics and urbanism, centred on the work of director Philippe Quesne

April 2019:
Prince Albert bicentenay lecture, Coburg

On May 28th practice director Andrew Todd will give a lecture concerning Prince Albert as a design innovator in his birth city of Coburg, on the occasion of his bicentenary. This lecture follows a highly-publicised talk given at the School of Applied Arts last july on the subject of the Shakespearean Theatre.

May 2018:
Hardelot Theatre finalist for the GAGA Awards

The Hardelot Theatre is in the final round of judging for the Galvanisers' Association Award for the best use of galvanised steel in a building. The prize will be awarded in London on June 8th.

April 2018:
Bavarian delegation visits Hardelot Theatre

A high-level delegation of Bavarian industrialists, engineers and public administrators has visited the Hardelot Theatre with a view to producing a similar building in Coburg, Germany.

February 2018:
Hardelot Theatre wins WAN Wood in Architecture Award

Our Hardelot Theatre was the winner of the WAN Wood Award, beating Norman Foster's Maggie's Centre in Manchester. We are delighted and honoured by this wonderful prize.

February 2018:
Studio Andrew Todd Finalist for WAN Wood Award

Studio Andrew Todd are amongst the finalists for the WAN Wood in Architecture Award, competing against Norman Foster and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London on february 28th.

March 2017:
Studio Andrew Todd finalists with Shigeru Ban for Fort d'Aubervilliers redevelopment

We have been shortlisted to the final four teams in competition to plan the future of the vast and complex site around the Fort d'Aubervilliers metro station of the future Grand Paris Express. Developers Cogedim, Quartus and Fiminco have assembled a team led by SAT in association with Shigeru Ban/Jean de Gastines and Bas Smets.

July 2016:
Studio Andrew Todd runners-up for the Place Mazas site, Réinventer la Seine competition

Having been shortlisted by the City of Paris in January 2017 for the redevelopment of one of the most prestigious unbuilt sites in central Paris, Studio Andrew Todd's team (led by developers Cappelli) came a close second in the final judging.

February 2016:
Andrew Todd in RIBA Journal

Practice Director Andrew Todd has recounted his experience as a resident of the Villa Kujoyama in the pages of the RIBA Journal

January 2016:
Completion of Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre

Studio Andrew Todd's Elizabethan Theatre at the Chateau d'Hardelot will achieve practical completion on March 18th 2016....just in time for the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death on April 23rd!

January 2016:
Villa Kujoyama Residency

Practice Director Andrew Todd has completed his two-month residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto in duo with Japanese architect Kibo Hagino. Their website (see link) recounts the experience, involving meetings withleading Japanese creators and craftsmen, and making experimental structures in bamboo.

March 2015:
Villa Kujoyama Prize

Practice Director Andrew Todd has been awarded the prestigious Villa Kujoyama residency by the French government to research bamboo in contemporary architecture with the Japanese architect Kiichiro Hagino. He will reside in Kyoto during November and December of this year.

September 2014:
Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre under construction

Construction is under way since July 2014 on the Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre. regular updates are posted on the practice facebook page (see link). It is anticipated that the theatre will be inaugurated in October 2015.

July 2014:
Dreamtheatre in last 6 for World Architecture News Awards

SAT's Dreamtheatre project is on the WAN Awards shortlist of six projects (by architects such as Zaha Hadid and Haworth Tompkins). Winner to be announced soon!

June 2014:
Dreamtheatre finalist for WAN Awards

Studio Andrew Todd's Dreamtheatre project for the town of Ris Orangis is a finalist for the World Architecture News Awards in the category of Performing Spaces, up against the likes of ZHA and Haworth Tompkins.

June 2014:
Press Materials for the Old Vic CQS Space

Press materials are available for download concerning our CQS Space at the cited link.

June 2014:
Press materials for Dreamtheatre

Press materials concerning the Dreamtheatre project are avilable for download at the cited link.

May 2014:
Kevin Spacey acts on the CQS stage

Old Vic Artistic Director Kevin Spacey is performing until June 15th in his one man show 'Clarence Darrow' on the in the round stage of the CQS Space designed by Studio Andrew Todd

May 2014:
Presentation of Hardelot Theatre to Her Majesty The Queen

Andrew Todd (with Dominique Dupilet, President of the Conseil General du Pas de Calais) will present the practice's project for France's First Elizabethan Theatre to Her Majesty The Queen during her State Visit to France in June 2014. Full press information will be made available nearer the time.

January 2014:
Canadian Lectures

Andrew Todd will be delivering talks in Canada in early February 2014, at McGill University's Ph.D in Architecture programme and as keynote speaker for the Atmopsheres Conference hosted by the faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba

August 2013:
Studio Andrew Todd Team wins Hardelot Theatre Competition

The Design Team led by Studio Andrew Todd (including LM Ingenieur, Charcoalblue and Bureau Michel Forgue) has been announced winners of the restricted competition to design a new Elizabethan Theatre in the grounds of the Chateau d'Hardelot in the Pas de Calais. Design work has already begun with a projected inauguration in mid-2015

June 2013:
World Stage Design 2013 Exhibition

Studio Andrew Todd (together with engineer Laurent Mouly and performance consultant Klaus Kruse) have been invited to exhibit their scheme for a theatre made almost entirely of recycled materials in the World Stage Design Exhibition in Cardiff in September 2013

May 2013:
Competition at the Chateau d'Hardelot

Studio Andrew Todd have been shortlisted for the competition to design a new Elizabethan theatre in the grounds of the 13th-century Hardelot Castle in the Pas de Calais. The Jury decision will be announced in late july.

April 2013:
Play-City Ideas Camp, Copenhagen

Practice Director Andrew Todd has organised and led a week-long in-situ conversation and design charette in the Dome of Visions on the Copenhagen Harbour, in association with Theatrum Mundi. Speakers included TM director Richard Sennett, Hana Loftus, Odile Soudant and composer-musicians Peter Gregson and Nick Ryan.

December 2012:
American Center in Paris

Studio Andrew Todd have been shortlisted to submit a tender and outline scheme for the renewed American Center for Art and Culture in central Paris.

October 2012:
Theatrum Mundi Presence and Absence in The City

Andrew Todd will be speaking at the first American general meeting of Theatrum Mundi, hosted by Columbia and New York Universities

March 2012:
OISTAT Conference Las vegas

Practice Director Andrew Todd spoke at this year's OISTAT conference in Las Vegas concerning the Theatrum Mundi network to be launched in June of this year.

May 2011:
Andrew Todd named Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

Practice Director Andrew Todd has been named Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the French Minister of Culture Frederick Mitterrand.

April 2011:
Practice director Andrew Todd to co-lead Open Spatial Laboratory at PQ11

Andrew Todd will be one of three leaders of the Open Spatial Laboratory at this year's Prague Quadrennial; the aim will be to unite the energies of more than twenty emerging practitioners and researchers in pursuit of answers to the question: what will theatre space become next? Todd will chair a talk by Richard Sennett as part of the OSL, and will deliver the keynote address to the International Federation of Theatre Research conference. (SAT are also curating and designing the French contribution to the PQ Architecture Section).

October 2010:
SAT shortlisted to redevelop the world's first cinema

Studio Andrew Todd have been shortlisted -in association with NS architectes- to submit a proposal for the redevelopment of the Eden Theatre in La Ciotat near Marseille, which housed the world's first cinematic projection by the Lumiere brothers.

October 2010:
Scenographie, 40 ans de Creation

Practice Director Andrew Todd has contributed a chapter to the recently-published volume 'Scenographie, 40 ans de Creation' (L'Entretemps). The text relates Peter Brook's break with traditional theatre architecture 40 years ago with current developments in theatre space (including the practice's own work).

May 2010:
The Handshake of a Building

Practice Director Andrew Todd will be co-leading a workshop this summer with Eddie Heathcote (architecture and design correspondent of the Financial Times) on the subject of the door handle as a vital component of architecture, the point at which body and building first come into contact. The week-long workshop (from July 11th to 17th) is hosted by the Domaine de Boisbuchet near Poitiers and Limoges, an extraordinary architectural park run by Alexander von Vegesack, Director of the Vitra Design Museum.

May 2010:
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

Studio Andrew Todd are pursuing RIBA Stage C design work on the redevelopment of Basil Spence's Grade II listed Gardner Arts Centre (now renamed the Attenborough Centre) on the University of Sussex's campus near Brighton. This follows the completion of a feasibility study in March 2010 (produced in collaboration with theatre consultants Charcoalblue and arts consultant Fiachra Gibbons).

November 2009:
Castle Theatre Aberystwyth

Studio Andrew Todd have been appointed by Aberystwyth University to look at strategies for redeveloping the Castle Theatre building, adjacent to the ruined Castle and seafront. The building will be explored for its potential as an international-standard found-space theatre.

August 2009:
Kitchen Gallery Bis restaurant opens

After a frenetic six-week build, the Kitchen Galerie Bis restaurant has opened in the rue des grands Augustins, adjacent to Studio Andrew Todd's offices. A full project profile will be added to the website shortly.

June 2009:
Kitchen Gallery Bis restaurant

Work is currently under way on the new Paris restaurant of Michelin-starred chef William Ledeuil, which is being co-designed by Studio Andrew Todd and jazz drummer and painter Daniel Humair. The restaurant will open in late August 2009.

May 2009:
Josh Lilley Gallery Opens

The Josh Lilley Gallery was inaugurated on May 14th with the opening of the show 'Daily Miracles,' attended by more than 400 people. The project will be published on SAT's website shortly.

April 2009:
Sverre Fehn obituary

Andrew Todd's obituary of the great Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn was published in the Guardian on April 28th.

February 2009:
Andrew Todd profiled in Financial Times

Andrew Todd was the subject of a profile by FT architecture and design correspondent Eddie Heathcote in the February 20th edition of the paper, focussing on the Old Vic CQS Space.

January 2009:
Josh Lilley Gallery, London

SAT have started work on plans for the new Josh Lilley Gallery in Fitzrovia, due to open in May.

January 2009:
40 Years of Scenography Conference, Amiens

Andrew Todd spoke at this conference alongside Marcel Freydefont, Georges Banu and Guy-Claude Francois

December 2008:
Silo Opera House begins construction

After four years of studies the Silo auditorium in Marseille began construction. It is scheduled for completion in 2011.

November 2008:
Studio Andrew Todd shortlisted for Liverpool Royal Court competition

SAT has been selected to submit ideas for the renovation, retooling and urban redefinition of the 1938 Art Deco Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. Competition projects will be on show to the public in February 2009, with a judgment expected in early March.

November 2008:
Andrew Todd speaks about sustainable design in India

Andrew Todd spoke at a conference at the Chandigarh College of Architecture on the subject of sustainable auditoria, organised by the A3 Association. He also gave talks at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and the Sushant School, Gurgaon, at the invitation of the British Council. SAT are due to submit proposals for a new conference facility in Delhi in collaboration with SD Sharma Architects.

October 2008:
The CQS Space at the Old Vic is inaugurated

After three weeks of previews the official press inauguration of the new CQS space took place on October 6th in the presence of Artistic Director Kevin Spacey. The Old Vic redesign has garnered enthusiastic reviews, the Independent describing the transformation as ‘a miraculous combination of intimacy and grandeur.

October 2008:
SAT Beaulieu entry in exhibition

SAT's entry for the new Beaulieu conference centre was exhibited at the conference site along with the other retained projects.

August 2008:
Andrew Todd at Festival della Mente

Practice director Andrew Todd has been invited to speak at the Festival della Mente in Sarzana, Liguria, northern Italy, on the subject of the conflict between civic life and star architecture. He will speak with his new partners in the A.S.I.A. social impact consultancy, Franco la Cecla and Emiliano Armani.

August 2008:
Andrew Todd profiled in l’Avvenire

The Vatican-affiliated daily l'Avvenire publishes an interview-portrait of Andrew Todd in its edition of 28th August.

March 2008:
Practice Director Andrew Todd named one of Europe’s top young architects

Andrew Todd is a winner of the Europe 40 Architects Under 40 Award conferred by the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for Architecture. His work was selected from a field of over 200 entrants.