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Theatre Seating

Plywood and Metal

Paris and Condette, France


Besides making 1:1 prototypes of balcony fronts, façade elements and the exterior bamboo screen, we developed two entirely original lines of theatre seating for the Hardelot Theatre, working closely with fabricator Signature F to adjust ergonomics, finishes and -above all- the quietness of the tip-up mechanisms.


A stalls bench module was made of a bent plywood structure, designed so that an identical appearance would result whether row seat counts were odd or even (we designed a double and single module which look identical when joined together).


The balcony seating module had a tubular steel structure in order to achieve strength and lightness for raised, tip-up seating, especially for a high, second-row seat with foot and elbow rests. The seating ergonomics were adapted to allow raised and forward-leaning comfort in this vertical, intimate theatre. The front row seat is essentially the same model with a lower geometry. Neither have armrests, meaning that the continuity of the seat base is imperative. Each seat is made to a radial geometry so that the trapezoidal seat base aligns perfectly with its neighbour.

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