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Concert and Conference

Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre

Condette, France

June 2016

A week before the official inauguration of the Hardelot Theatre, we organised what is known in France as the ‘concert de casque,’ or helmet-concert. Before an audience of the builders, their families and our own network of collaborators and supporters (including actor Philippe Caubert), we concocted an eclectic evening showcasing several aspects of the theatre’s configurations and acoustics.


Actress and film director Miriam Heard had recited the ‘Wooden O’ prologue from Shakespeare’s Henry V shortly before the first turf was turned and tree was felled, at the exact location of the future stage. Exactly two years later she was the first performer on the finished Hardelot stage, reciting the same speech. Baptiste Belleudy and Clémence Fougea of les Milles Chandelles enacted scenes from Hamlet and As You Like It.


Maurice Durozier, doyen of the Theatre du Soleil troupe, performed -with his daughter- a segment of his globally-toured autobiographical play Paroles d’Acteur.


Ensemble Open Sax (fronted by the husband of HVAC contractor Hélène Bécu) performed Ravel’s Bolero, demonstrating the theatre’s chamber ensemble acoustics, and pianist Francoise Semallaz concluded with a recital including Schubert.

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