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CQS Space Theatre in the Round

Old Vic Theatre

London, England

August 2008 and June 2014


The build period for the CQS Space at the Old Vic was extremely short -3 weeks over the summer break. Five of us stayed on site doing physical work, making decisions on the fly, completing prototypes in situ for illuminated balcony fronts, fetching and applying paint. The build was carried out by the theatre’s in-house team, with which we effectively merged as we kept designing. The first build was in effect a rehearsal, a choreography for subsequent strike and rebuild sequences of the installation, the timing of which was eventually reduced to one week, making it compatible with turnarounds in the private theatre sector.



Studio Andrew Todd

Lisa Charron

Eloisa Cuturi

Estelle Hondier

Cecilia Montes

Andrew Todd

Old Vic Theatre Stage Crew


Dominic Fraser

Mike Humphreys

Photos by Matt Humphreys




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