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Auditorium Seating

In Plate Aluminium

2008 to the present


We designed this range of flexible seating initially for the Silo Auditorium building in Marseille. The principal structure is in recyclable aluminium sheet which is folded to achieve rigidity. The material is used with minimum transformation and mechanical fasteners, to allow easy gleaning and recycling oif components. There are three versions: an individual seat which can be repositioned in the stalls, a fixed continuous row and a high bench for the side balconies. A custom-made extruded aluminium grip caps the backrest plate, allowing the hand to slide along the rail,  providing some sense of security when walking along the rows in the steeper balconies. The seat is designed to give the comfort of a conventional opera chair, but with the toughness of appearance and finish which is appropriate to a mixed-use hall in a remarkable industrial building. Stamped, rubber-clad bent metal elbow rests link the stalls seats, allowing for numbering of the seats when a layout has been realised. 


The seating design has been marketed and sold without our approval , without the appropriate licensing, and without crediting of our role as designers by the brand ALISMOBIL. The latter have failed to respond to demands from our lawyers.


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