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Copenhagen, Denmark

April 2013

The Dome of Visions is an experimental process-object launched in 2013 by the Nordic Construction Company and NXT. Originally built on a future NCC building site on Copenhagen harbour next the restaurant NOMA, Tejlgaard and Jepsen’s remarkable building was delivered without an announced purpose. Activated by NXT, it became a loosely-defined forum for music, debate, teaching, relaxation and community use. It was followed by two subsequent structures designed by Kristoffer Tejlgaard for Aarhus and Stockholm (the original Dome having moved to two other locations).


As part of our ongoing collaborations with NXT and NCC, we were invited to programme the Dome for a week in April 2013. We organised an Ideas Camp on urban form and process, comprising an intensive residency by students from the Danish Royal Academy of Architecture and a series of meetings with figures from urbanism, art, architecture and music from Paris, London, New York and Beirut. Most were associated with Theatrum Mundi.


Anne Skovbro, the deputy-mayor of Copenhagen, engaged with the process –which had turned its attention on the destiny of the adjacent Paper Island- spending half a day debating with the group. The outcome was a series of freeform proposals for civicising the open spaces kept (for reasons of monumental visibility) around the Danish National Opera.

Composer Nick Ryan and cellist Peter Gregson developed a sound piece during the workshop, drawing on composed and ambient noise. You can listen to it here.




Andrew Todd (director)


Ayssar Arida

Peter Gregson

Silas Harrebye

Hana Loftus

Martin Manthrope

Nick Ryan

Richard Sennett

Anne Skovbro

Odile Soudant

Maurits van der Staay

Oliver Wainwright

Gry Worre Hallberg

Students from the Danish Royal Academy of Architecture:

Ditte Ravn

Emma Uncles

Sixten Juel Ditlefsen

Chris Paxton

Henry Stephens

Emi Bryan

Anne Spangsberg

Ivan Korolev

Nanna Lundgren Jensen

Louise Flach de Neergaard

Diana Strele

Tor Knudsen

Mads Emil Hilmer

Kasia Zawistowska

Nis Romer

Julie Hjort

Play City Ideas Camp

Dome of Visions, Copenhagen

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