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House for a Winemaker


Beaune, France



This 250 square metre house was designed for a world-famous winemaker on the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy. Taking its inspiration from the client’s ethos as an organic wine maker, the house is made almost entirely from renewable materials (wood, straw and clay). Heating energy is provided by hot water solar panels with a large super-insulated reservoir storing heated water between seasons.

Built on one level so as to present no obstacle in case of future infirmity, it is presented as a free-ranging landscape under an oversailing gluelam roof. Bracketed by double-thickness straw bale walls (which are occasionally excavated to provide storage and circulation), the house is open on the east-west axis, up the hill towards a pine forest and onto an east-facing terrace with a panoramic view over the plain of Beaune towards the Alps.


Studio Andrew Todd, Architects

Iris Alary

Andrew Todd

Cost Consultants: BMF

Consultant Contractor: LIFTEAM

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