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Elizabethan Theatre,

Chateau d'Hardelot - Auditorium

Condette, France

Completed 2016



Winner, World Architecture News Wood in Architecture Award 2018

Nominated, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture -Mies van der Rohe Prize

Special Commendation, GAGA Awards, the Galvanisers’ Association


The Château d'Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre auditorium contains 388 seats in its standard 'Shakespearean' format, which reduces to about 290 with the use of an orchestra pit and stage wings in a totally different format as an intimate, baroque-scaled opera house. Acoustically designed for music and speech, the artistic community has acclaimed the warmth, silence and slightly sacred character of its sonic atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the convivial and vernacular Shakespearean precedents -particularly the Rose Theatre, which has very similar dimensions- our building employs innovative construction techniques -CNC-milled curved CLT panels- which, despite being resolutely contemporary, have something of the simplicity and timelessness of the historical precedents. The theatre seating was custom-designed with three models, a low and high bench with tip-up seat for the balconies and a wooden double bench for the stalls, which are flexible in layout.

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Client: Conseil Départemental du Pas de Calais

Size: 1233 m2

Budget: 4.3 million euros (construction cost before tax)


Studio Andrew Todd architects, auditorium and landscape design

Niclas Dünnebacke

Philip Mellor-Ribet

Bridget O'Rourke

Nadia Raïs

Solveig Rottier

Andrew Todd

L+A Landscape Architects

LM Structural and Environmental Engineering

Charcoalblue Acoustics and Theatre Consultants

Bureau Michel Forgue, Cost Consultant

Cabinet Casso, Fire Engineering



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