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Centre de Congrès et de Rencontres


Lausanne, Switzerland


The Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne commissioned us to undertake this feasibility study concerning the possibility of developing a large-scale, highly-flexible conference centre along with a concert hall, commercial centre and 300-bed student housing complex, situated around an open urban square and underground parking for 700 cars. The study was pursued from the inside out, developing ideas for a uniquely variable auditorium of 600-3000 seats, then applying the concept of the auditorium in a master planning exercise. The project has been through a design-build tender phase and project development work is ongoing with the EPFL's preferred bidder.

The heart of the scheme -the auditorium building- was conceived to be highly functional for a range of activities including debates, EPFL ceremonies, international conventions, rock concerts and musicals. Interior and exterior LED backlighting allow the building's atmosphere to be tuned according to the event in progress.

Client: EPFL

Size: 15,230 sq.m

Budget: 65M euros


Studio Andrew Todd, architects and auditorium design:

Sony Devabhaktuni

Andrew Todd

Theatre technical consultants: Charcoalblue 

Acoustics: Alain Tisseyre et Associés 

Sructural and M+E Engineering: ARUP


Budget : 92 million euros

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