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Sion Valais

Cultural stadium

Martigny, Switzerland


At the request of a private developer we are in the process of developing studies for a covered 30,000-seat sports stadium which will be converted during off-season periods into a multi-function arena for rock concerts, large-scale classical concerts, events, festivals and expositions. In association with regular collaborators ESS we are developing a business plan, brief and outline study.


The aim is to produce a stadium which will be tailor-made to accept concert infrastructure with minimum negative impact on match functions (particularly the pitch), with a functional, high-quality backstage and infrastructure arrangement. Most stadia are empty hulks except on match days, and expensive to convert for any other function. Our ambition with this project is to produce a new paradigm: an effective, vast-scale covered urban forum for multiple activities, which will take its place in the city as a new, invigorating form of civic space.



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