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Elizabethan Theatre,

Chateau d'Hardelot - Servant Spaces

Condette, France

Completed 2016



Winner, World Architecture News Wood in Architecture Award 2018

Nominated, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture -Mies van der Rohe Prize

Special Commendation, GAGA Awards, the Galvanisers’ Association



The building's servant spaces are designed to an absolute minimum; wrapped as tightly as possible around and under the auditorium in order to present a minimal bulk in the Chateau's parkland setting. Public facilities are reduced to minimum needs (no bar, no cloakroom), the foyer space being treated as an indoor-outdoor transitional zone of which the access stairs are a natural extension. required fire-safety outdoor balconies are treated as spatial events allowing a perception of the building's complex exterior volumetrics, with views of the general site. A basement level contains public toilets and all backstage and technical facilities, including a spectacular green room with a glass roof loomed over by the second balcony viewing platform.

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Client: Conseil Départemental du Pas de Calais

Size: 1233 m2

Budget: 4.3 million euros (construction cost before tax)


Studio Andrew Todd architects, auditorium and landscape design

Niclas Dünnebacke

Philip Mellor-Ribet

Bridget O'Rourke

Nadia Raïs

Solveig Rottier

Andrew Todd

L+A Landscape Architects

LM Structural and Environmental Engineering

Charcoalblue Acoustics and Theatre Consultants

Bureau Michel Forgue, Cost Consultant

Cabinet Casso, Fire Engineering



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