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Welcome to Our New Website

I would like to welcome you to our entirely new website, which came into service at the beginning of 2021, just as the former site (which was coded in flash) became extinct.

The new site reflects some slow-moving but palpable evolutions in our interests and forms of action over the last decade. The site is therefore divided into three parts:

Building, which archives and documents -using far more material than on the previous site- our projects and completed works, varying in scale from urban neighbourhoods to intimate interiors.

Assembling collects a corpus which has emerged over time as an important (and distinctive) aspect of the way we work: we realised that about a third of our overall time goes into direct action, whether this involves assembling materials or assembling people, or -more likely- both at the same time. This includes hands-on work on objects, components and building elements such as our studio façade, completed late last year; it also includes meetings, seminars, conferences, concerts and scenographies that we have enacted, and non-architectural collaborations (on theatrical creations, for example).

Thinking regroups the vast majority of my research and publishing since 1995 (when I was still a student); it also includes significant publications about the Studio’s work. You can search it by topic, including ‘about,’ ecology, theatre, urbanity, materials and technology. We will use this page to provide regular updates about our activity (as news round-ups), and fortnightly publication of new texts, intended to spark debate and discussion.

We will shortly have some exciting news about upcoming projects and actions in 2021, and the whole site will soon be available in French.


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