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Eleanor Young on Hardelot in the RIBA Journal

Eleanor Young was one of the first correspondents to visit the completed Hardelot Elizabethan Theatre:

"If ever a building was destined to be a symbol it is the Elizabethan-style theatre at ­Château d’Hardelot, south of Calais, in northern France. Opening on the day of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, at the home of the Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale – which commemorates a series of agreements signed between France and England in 1904 – it is hardly surprising that the building has attracted political dispute. More recent is the physical manifestation of something more ugly in the angry words daubed alongside columns of bamboo: ‘Irresponsible politicians – shame’ and ‘budget’. It came in at a relatively modest €4.3 million but the actual figure is less significant than the controversy it caused."

Read the article here.


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